District: Tsuen Wan

Name of the street and the street number: No. 212 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Prospective purchasers are advised to refer to the sales brochure for any information on the development.

The photographs, images, drawings, maps, perspectives or sketches shown in this advertisement/promotional interactive material represent the artists’ imaginative impression of the development concerned only. They are not drawn to scale and/or may have been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques and are not taken from the Development. This advertisement/promotional interactive material is for reference purpose only, and shall not in any way constitute or be construed as constituting any offer, representation, covenant, warranty or contractual term, whether express or implied in respect of the actual design, layout, specification, construction, location or the surrounding buildings of the development. The Vendor reserves the right to modify and change the building design, specifications, features, plans, materials and intended use of the Development and all facilities, parts or areas therein at its sole discretion without prior notice to any purchaser. The prospective purchasers are reminded not to rely on this advertisement/promotional interactive material for any use or purpose whatsoever. Prospective purchasers are advised to seek the advice of their own architects, lawyers and other professionals for the intended use of the development and to make their own applications to the relevant Government authorities for the necessary approvals, the grant of which are not warranted by the Vendor. For detail information about building design, specifications, features, plans, materials and usage of the Development and all facilities, parts or areas thereof or therein, please make reference to the sales brochure. The Vendor also advises prospective purchasers to conduct an on-site visit for a better understanding of the development, its surrounding environment and the public facilities nearby.